The Process

Crafting Supplements,
Nurturing Brands

Laboratory Testing

Our laboratory uses state of the art equipment to run accurate screening and testing.

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Research & Development

Going beyond contract manufacturing, Bio Nutraceutical, Inc. is proficient at problem solving, innovation, and discovery. Whether it is creating unique formulations or resolving custom manufacturing challenges and process issues, our talented Research & Development staff investigate the problems, test new theories, and deliver inspired solutions.

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We specialize in manufacturing capsules, powder, pet vitamins, and probiotics. Our services include blending, milling, granulation, compression, tableting, coating, encapsulation and packging. Bio Nutraceutical, Inc. Bio Nutraceutical offers over 40 years of experience and the finest equipment and technology in order to deliver the best nutritional supplements on the market.

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Following trough inspection and stringent quality check that supplement seamlessly proceeds to the packaging phase. We engage in proctective to fully grasps and cater yat unique packaging goals, offering packaging solutions for both bulk quantities and bottled products.

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Discover Our

State-of-the-Art Process!

Take an inside peek into our advanced facilities where we take a concept and transform it into a finished product.

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Client’s Testimonials

What People Say About Us

“BNIpure has been a significant reason for our success. They’ve helped us design products that match our company personality, high quality and no gimmicks. We’ve been with them for more than 20 years. None of our other vendors compare.”

Cold Springs, KY Client

“My companies have utilized the manufacturing and product development services of BNIpure for more than 20 years. During that time we have consistently received expert, accurate, prompt, and courteous service.”

Camas, WA Client

“Maria Escalante personifies the definition of a Customer Service Representative. When Genesa, Inc., which does business as "Genesa Living," approached Bio-Nutraceutical to become one of our manufacturers, Maria became a tremendous resource in Genesa's ongoing efforts to ensure that our products are cutting edge and the best possible. Not only has Maria succinctly answered our queries, her level of ingredient knowledge, acquisition of specialized ingredients, production and shipping logistics, and attention to detail, all have enabled Genesa Living’s Total Amino Solution to be at the vanguard in our particular health supplement marketplace. Further, as our product has continued its trajectory of wider attention and increasing sales, Maria has made sure that a rapid and timely production sequence was “at the ready.”

Whitefish MT, Client

“We began our relationship with BioNutraceutical in the midst of the Covid crisis. We needed a partner with the capacity to handle both our Human and Animal supplement Production and keep pace with our demand. Their team invited us for a sit-down meeting followed by a walkthrough of their facilities. We felt an immediate connection with them as they are also a family-based organization. We shook hands, and there has been no looking back. We have found them easy to work with, highly professional, and always in communication. Our orders arrive neatly, well packed, and well packaged. We are very happy to have found them and would highly recommend them.”

Las Vegas, NV, Client

“I have worked with BNIpure for over 25 years. They have done a great job of producing products for us. I would recommend BNIpure to any company that needs a quality manufacturer to produce their products.”

Eugene, OR Client

Our Labs!

All the raw materials

QC laboratory ensures quality and compliance of raw materials and finished products to meet the level of excellence. All the raw materials undergo physical testing, purity (assays), heavy metal and micro testing before the production. Finished products also go thru appearance, weights/fill weights, active ingredient testing, heavy metal and micro testing.

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